The material of the future at the K 2013!

With Fibroform® and Extrufib® Technamation achieved a production process of CPC profiles without the use of water!

Fibroform® and Extrufib® are the material of the future, the sustainability principle: The granules have thanks to renewable resources and a reliable supply a positive CO2 balance , because they are made from clean plastic polymers and cellulose fibers from sustainably managed forests.

During the entire production process, no water is needed for cooling.

Fibroform and Extrufib are recyclable, Cradle to Cradle lives and cause practically no production waste, since all residues are reused as raw material for new products.
Please talk to us regarding the possibilities our innovations have to offer you.

You will find us at the K 2013, stand E61-11 at the pavilion of the IHK Potsdam-Brandenburg.