Committed to Sustainability

Technamation Technical Europe GmbH (TTE) stands for the harmony between ecology and economy: The company develops techniques and machines to replace products which were previously made from resources stemming from the oil industry. These new products are based on renewable resources.

At once Technamation is a specialist for the production and manufacture of Wood Plastic Composites (WPC) plus for the production of extrusion and injection moulding products made out of those materials.

After a considerable investment of research and development, Technamation is introducing its brand new material, a new type of composite: Fibroform® for injection and Extrufib® for extrusion – a Cellulose Plastic Compound (CPC). This new composite material is manufactured from clean plastic polymers and pulp fibers sources from sustainable managed forests. Thanks to renewable raw materials and a reliable supply chain, the granules have a low carbon footprint. Cellulose fibers significantly increase stiffness and strength of plastics.

Fibroform® and Extrufib® granules offer smooth and reliable processability. A specially selected mixture of virgin plastics completes the mouldability of granules for a wide range of end products.

Another important business segment of Technamation is the production of finish goods in CPC. Technamation designs and produces the necessary extrusion machines and tools for this purpose, as well as modifying injection molding machines and moulds for processing CPC granules.

The process technology for the production of granules developed by Technamation to manufacture products in injection molding and extrusion, improves the properties of the products in comparison with other materials.

This holistic combination of products, technology and technique raise Technamation to a leading position in the sector of WPC/CPC. We are looking forward to dealing with your questions regarding our products and forms of co-operation!